Hey, tidliger idag var jeg på morgenshow med Mina i p3;-) var ut...


Hey, tidliger idag var jeg på morgenshow med Mina i p3;-) var utrolig morsomt! Helt RÅÅ dame;-) Min favoritt radiokanal? P3!!!

nå har jeg vært på intervju med verdens kuleste journalist.dere ...


nå har jeg vært på intervju med verdens kuleste journalist.dere kjenner han som FHM Mads;-) Vi har vært et par ganger sammen i fhm artikkler hvor vi var kjærester, så han var litt bitter for at jeg hadde forlovet meg.eller hva Mads;-) jeg lo gjennom hele intervjuet.var kule spørsmål,veldig utenom de vanlige;-) Blir spennende å se når det kommer ut i januar. Jaaa. ;-)

det sa min mor;-)


det sa min mor;-)



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One of the most popular and in demand models in Norway, is without a doubt: Linn Irene Meister.
This blonde bombshell- sweetheart is most affectionally called "Linni" by her Norwegian fans, a name that has stuck by her since she was a child.

Linni is part Sri Lankan and part Norwegian, something that gives her a unique and exotic look, that clearly sets her apart from other glamour models in Norway.

She measures a slight 165 cm and her sweet voice and comfortable personality, makes everyone sure that beneath her beautiful exterior, there is also a heart of gold!
Her beautiful face and charismatic charm has made her the favourite of Norwegian FHM's High Street Honeys, and also landed her a recurring gig with her own FHM column; "Ask Linni", since 2007.

She has done commercials, TV- shows, music videos and even a few songs herself, even getting Perez Hilton's attention in her first try out as a pop star, doing a cover version of Destinys Child's "Survivor". 
The song was only meant to be a publicity stunt in 2007, promoting the Norwegian version of the reality show, "Survivor". Linni was one of the contestants and got so much attention during her stay there, that she has not had much time to take it easy since.

The press constantly keep a keen eye on her personal blog. Every week little personal tid-bits of news that she may reveal on her blog, are always given attention and their own articles in the tabloids.

2008 gave her a solid platform in Norway as one of the most popular young celebrities, and Linni has now got her eyes and heart set on capturing the attention of a more international glamour scene.


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Linni Meister, Norway. A Norwegian blogger/model/tv-profil/designer with Sri Lankan roots. I have my own clothing line Be Fantastic - by Linni on lllusion.no.

Follow me here and on Instagram @meisterlinni

CONTACT: Linnimeister@gmail.com



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